Instructions for photographers

Dear visitors, the fee for an hourly reservation of the lavender field space is EUR 30. Payment is made on the spot, in cash or by card. The appointment reservation is binding and can only be canceled in case of bad weather.

All animals are welcomed 🙂

Various garden furniture in Provençal and romantic style is available.

The number of visitors for one date is not limited, but we ask for punctuality and compliance with the set arrival and departure times. If you plan to take professional photos of several people, we recommend booking two one-hour appointments in a row.

Please note that with us it is possible to reserve only the space of the field, each interested person must secure his own photographer. You can use your time e.g. also for a celebration, picnic, marriage proposal, or undisturbed relaxation in nature.

Visitors are asked to take care not to damage the plants when handling the props and moving around the field, if you have any questions please contact us, we will be happy to accommodate all your requests. At the same time, please note that there is an increased incidence of bees and mosquitoes in the field at the time of flowering, and entry to the area is at your own risk.

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